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Collared Flycatcher by Tomasz Jezierczuk

The cutest face of Poland... isn't it the plumage pattern of Collared Flycatcher? This elegant bird is one of the dominant species of the Polish woods. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that Poland is widely known as the perfect birding destination. The rich list of spectacular bird species is complimented by various mammals, wild flowers and butterflies. Our precious natural habitats, such as extensive marshlands, virgin forests and ancient rural landscapes, are unique in Europe. We invite you to join us for the birding tour of a lifetime!

Since joining the European Union, Poland is as close to the U.K. as never before. Traveling here is cheap and easy. Low fare flights connect Polish airports with every region of Britain and Ireland. Thousands of British weekend guests already visit Cracow and other towns to enjoy local nightlife and good cheap beer.

So what about nature lovers? Birders have been coming in May to our northern and eastern national parks for some time. It's a good deal, but Poland has much more to offer - particularly in other regions and in other seasons. Noticeably, however, the small offering of organized nature tours from the UK to Poland hasn't expanded in years. Now is the time to change it!

We do not offer regular dates for departures this season.
Below you can find the archival programmes. We can always prepare birding&nature tours on special request.

In 2015, we offer again four itineraries designed specially for those who like to spend their holiday time in quality and efficient way. Based on our experience, we have planned tours that offer the best chance to see all favorite species and are not too long. The tours last between 5-7 days. To give you the best experience, group size will never exceed 16, and even if only 2-3 persons sign for a tour, we will still run it. Our experienced guides are ready to share their knowledge and to bring you to the local observation spots. We know that you will be happy with our service and the fair and competitive rates.

NEW! 10-day birding tour to Belarus from/to Warsaw  NEW!

The organisation schedule is simple: we meet at the airport in Warsaw, Cracow or Gdansk - all very easy to reach from the UK. Then you leave with our guide and start the programme. Each programme is customized to the current season and the best local observation sights. The last night is always booked in a convenient hotel near you airport, so you can catch your return flight easily.

Our price always includes:

  • Accommodation and half board in hotels and pensions (two or three star standard, rooms always with private facilities)
  • Transportation, guiding, and all entrance fees.

Not included are only: flight to Poland, lunches and drinks.

Booking of two tours?
Yes! No problem. The dates are scheduled so, that you can often book one after another. In such case we always provide free travel between the starting towns (Warsaw, kracow or Gdansk)

Extra nights
We can book extra nights either before or after - when you will not find a suitable flight or simply you want to prolongate your stay, visit tourist sights etc. Our price for a centrally located three star hotel in Cracow, Warsaw and Gdansk is £  60 for twin bedded room, £  46 for single room Bed & Breakfast.


Maciej Zimowski
Owner & Manager

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